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Hi.  I'm Greg with Wunjee.  I'm a senior manager combining business knowledge and IT experience across diverse areas to bring together business functions and IT to achieve mutually desired objectives. I manage people, processes and money to deliver project and departmental successes.  I have an MBA in Finance and International Business (University of Michigan) and an AB in Economics (Colby College).

My background in a nutshell is that I began in a military family (USMC), so I moved around the US a lot as a child (from Hawaii to Maine) and was taught to do my job, respect authority and protect the innocent.  That last bit sounds trite, but unfairness truly upsets me.  Anyway, I always knew I wanted to work with money, so my first non-family job was as a bank teller in the Summers during college.  I wanted to work in international finance, so I joined a company named "Business International". My best friend from college got me that job.  I worked there two Summers.  Side note-Barack Obama also worked there, just a little bit after I did.

My Summer in between my 1st and 2nd years of Business School I worked for Bankers Trust at 16 Wall St. on their Foreign Exchange trading floor.  This was back when there was a LOT of screaming (and all sorts of other noises) on trading floors.  What an awesome experience.  I wanted to be in International Finance and here I was on Wall Street (literally), right in the middle of watching billions of dollars of trading happening within a 50 foot radius of me!  To make this ever-growing story relatively shorter, the job I was hired and meant to complete before the end of the Summer I finished in 3 weeks.  I was still pretty naive at that point and thought I had actually worked myself out of my job.  At that point, one of the small company corporate traders went on vacation and I was told to sit at their desk and do their job while they were gone.  As I said in the previous paragraph, I had been trained to do my job and respect authority, so I did.  That person returned from vacation, but then a more senior person went on vacation.  I was told to sit at their desk and do THEIR job.  So I did.  At the end of the Summer I was doing corporate FX trading, handling deals up to $20 mln, which doesn't sound like a lot now, but for a 23-year-old who had been a bank teller a few Summers before where $5,000 was a big deal, this was heady stuff.

Well, I went back for my 2nd year of graduate school, and again shortening the story, used skills I had learned at Business International to get my first job after earning my MBA.  The job I talked myself into was at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich.  It still give me goosebumps when I think about it.  Here I was coming out of graduate school, going to Zurich (where I didn't speak the language), to work for the largest Swiss bank.  As much as I had traveled in the US, I had only been out of the US twice, both times to Canada (it was pretty close while I was living in Maine).  Now, here I was flying to Zurich, heavily (at the time) in debt from graduate school, going to work for UBS's Chief Economist.  Not "an" economist, THE Chief Economist!
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